General Consultancy

Need assistance or advice on your IT needs? We provide a wide range of services including purchasing assistance and analysing your IT requirements. Contact us for any needs that you require and to know more on how we can help you.

On-site Services

Most of our services are on-site services. Our on-site services include most of the services we provide as we are a mobile service firm. No extra charges such as call out fees, just only the first hourly rate apply.

Computer Maintenance

Computers nowadays are essential in the everyday productivity for most of us. Have you ever maintained your equipment? We can help you maintain your IT equipment with a personalised maintenance program for you.

New Custom Computers

Need a new computer? Just choose from our list at the new computers page or if you have a wish list of parts, we can custom build your computer. Contact us now and we can help you.

Computer Upgrades

Need an upgrade but not sure if you can do it? Contact us now and we can help you.

Computer Repairs

Need to repair your computer but no time or no IT department to help you? We will do it for you, we can arrange whatever services is required to get you back to work on your computer.


Have two or more computers? Networking your computers is a great way to share internet access and also resources such as a printer. Contact us to help you set it up.

Website/Hosting Maintenance

You have a website and want to maintain it yourself but don't know how to do it? We can maintain and host it for you at a reasonable rate. We can also maintain your domain and you can have everything managed by us giving you a peaceful feeling that you are having a personal professional looking after it for you. Check out our domain and web hosting prices.

If you have other IT requirements or to find out more on how we can help, click here to contact us now.

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